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Everything started with a dream.

Being from Lombardy we've always cherished the flavours of this unique Italian region. It was a dream of ours to bring these flavours to the world, and today that dream is reality. 


"Our goal is for guests dining at Stelvio in Toronto to Savour the same flavours of the Risotto with Ossobuco that a guest dining in Milan or Lombardy would."

- Anna Erba

Stelvio was born out of the desire to bring the authentic flavours of Lombardy to Toronto. There are many Italian restaurants in the city, but none that feature the unique flavours of our region. I would also venture to say that there are none that have our flair, which to us is a combination of unique branding, and truly indigenous traditional cuisine. In its simplicity we view Stelvio as an innovative and unique concept, as even in Italy it is virtually impossible to find restaurants serving authentic Lombardy cuisine outside of the region.

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