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Indulge in an extraordinary evening of wine appreciation at Stelvio Toronto's "A Gambero Rosso Wine Tasting Experience." Join us for a refined gathering where you'll have the chance to sample three prestigious Gambero Rosso award-winning wines: MARA MIA, GUIRY, and ZÒJOSU.


Renowned for their discerning taste, Gambero Rosso awards are the ultimate recognition in the wine world. Sip and savor these exceptional wines, as each one unveils a story of excellence, craftsmanship, and flavor. To complement the wines' aromatic profiles, Stelvio's executive chef has meticulously crafted a menu that perfectly harmonizes with each sip. Allow your senses to be delighted by the exquisite pairing of flavors, enhancing your wine-tasting experience to new heights.




🍷 Exclusive tasting of the three featured wines (Please note these wines are not available for purchase anywhere else). 

👨‍🏫 Guided Tasting. You will learn about the vinification of the wines, the producer and more. 

👨‍🍳 Each wine is paired with an exclusive dish especially crafted to enhance the flavours and aromas of each wine.


WHEN: Wednesday, June 7th @ 6:00 pm

WHERE: Stelvio Toronto

PRICE: $59 per person + HST

WHAT'S INCLUDED: 3 sample glasses of wine + 3 paired dishes


Join us for an evening that will leave a lasting impression on your palate and memories. 

Event is organized in collaboration with Solo Cru - Premium Organic Wines

A Gambero Rosso Wine Tasting Experience

Excluding Sales Tax
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